CAST11 Prescott’s Podcast Network Launches “Leza Not So Live” with Leza Lachapelle Dandos and More

Mar 23, 2023 | Leza Not So Live

Prescott’s #1 podcast network, CAST11, has launched its new website featuring 10 exclusive shows including the Quad Cities’ newest show “Leza Not So Live” with host Leza Lachapelle Dandos.

Leza is off the air and off the record… well sorta! Join Leza weekly on Cast11 Podcast Network as she shares the unique experiences and stories of friends, neighbors, and residents of the Cinco Cities. Dive into local lives to learn who makes the Prescott area home to the most interesting people.

Listen in to Leza’s first episode with CAST11 where she chats with Tesia and Trevor Hurt about how their family’s life has changed due to one very viral Tik Tok video. What do you do when your video gains over 13.9 million views? Tesia and Leza also chat about her business, Beautiful You Spray Tanning & Permanent Jewelry of Prescott.

Here is the video that went viral!


Little brother making sure his sister doesn’t look a fool with chocolate on her face in public 😂 #fypシ #siblingcheck #az #chocolatecoveredstrawberries

♬ original sound – Tesia Hurt

Leza’s “Leza Not So Live” joins an extensive network of podcast shows including “Living a Good Life with Brad Fain”, “Power of the Mind”, “Talkin’ Central Arizona Sports with Torrence Dunham” and more.

Over the past 2 years, CAST11 Podcast Network has cultivated nearly a dozen shows regarding lifestyle, sports, mental health, local events, news, and more, focusing on the Quad Cities area. will be the anchor for exclusive shows premiering weekly wherever you listen.

Listen to “Leza Not So Live” and all of your favorite CAST11 podcasts wherever you stream podcasts or online at

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