‘Creed III’ Movie Review

Oct 18, 2023 | Admit One

The ninth installment in the Rocky franchise, Creed III sees Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan), son of the legendary Apollo Creed, facing off against an enigmatic figure from his childhood.

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Release Date: 3/03/2023
Director: Michael B. Jordan
Rotten Tomatoes: 88%
iMBD: 6.8/10
Where to Watch: MGM+, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Sling TV, The Roku Channel, Philo Redbox, Vudu, Google Play Movie, Apple TV, YouTube TV

Set ten years after his mentorship with Rocky Balboa in the first Creed film, Adonis is now retired, living comfortably in Los Angeles with wife and child. Moreover, he is in charge of a boxing empire that trains new competitors for the world championship heavyweight title.

But when a figure greets him outside the gym one day, claiming to be a long-lost friend from his childhood, Adonis has to choose between loyalty to his business or loyalty to his past. What follows is a string of events that test Creed’s stability and integrity, pulling him out of retirement and culminating in (of course) an epic training montage and one final round in the ring.

Set to a modern-day soundtrack of bass-driven hip-hop beats and with only a vague nod or two to the original Rocky series, it’s clear that by this point Creed stands on his own as a character and a film series. Notably, this is the first film in the Rocky franchise from which Stallone is completely absent, serving only as producer. This is not, however, to the detriment of the film. Michael B. Jordan’s directorial debut, in spite of its cliché use of a previously unmentioned figure from the protagonist’s past, still manages to hit hard and present a compelling rivalry that carries more emotional weight than physical. If you’re in the mood for pulse-pounding adrenaline or motivation for your next workout, Creed III delivers.

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