Gary Denny and El Charro Norté: Grit. It’s in the Genes. So Are the Enchiladas. | EP 001

Mar 22, 2023 | Chasing Mythos

In this episode of Chasing Mythos, we sit down with lifelong Prescott resident, entrepreneur and restaurant owner Gary Denny of El Charro Norté. Gary’s got stories…..

From the 1500’s and Spanish aristocracy to the 1960’s and a Prescott boy playing in the dirt streets of his hometown, you’ll find a story in this podcast that takes you to a place just north of what once was Arizona’s territorial capital.  Son of a 4th generation rancher, his family lived on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line in the 1860’s. His northern and southern relatives joined together to move west during the tail end of the westward expansion in order to avoid killing each other in the Civil War. Fast forward to American baseball and Uncle John Denny the Cy Young Winner, genealogy of grit, Sonoran cuisine, ranching, love, divorce, back-breaking work and passion for hospitality.  Join us as we discover the life of Gary Denny, owner of Chino Valley’s El Charro Norté and lifetime resident of Prescott, Arizona.