Neil Large, Arizona State Parks & Trails On the Benefits of the Outdoors | EP 15 Living A Good Life

Oct 3, 2023 | Living a Good Life

What parks and trails are available in our region?

Neil Large, Digital Marketing Coordinator of Arizona State Parks & Trails joins us to discuss parks and trails in the Prescott Valley region. We also discussed the amazing benefits the outdoor activities have for our residents including stress relief! Neil will also discuss maps, tips, tricks, and tools you can utilize at

Living a Good Life with Brad Fain” focuses on the process of design, innovation, and building community. Fain Signature Group has been a leading community builder in Prescott Valley since 1960 when Bill Fain established Prescott Valley. Today, downtown Prescott Valley, the Findlay Toyota Center, Civic Center, and Town Center are a part of what used to be grazing land of the historic Fain Rafter Eleven Ranch.

Fain Signature Group’s CEO, Brad Fain, invites residents as well as leadership to discuss the future of the Quad Cities and Central Arizona.

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