‘The Creator’ Movie Review

Oct 4, 2023 | Admit One

From the creative mind and director behind Rogue One—the much beloved Star Wars film—The Creator is an original sci-fi story in which humanity’s pursuit of artificial intelligence has created a new class of beings at odds with those they live alongside.

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Release Date: 09/29/2023
Director: Gareth Edwards
Rotten Tomatoes: 68%
iMBD: 6.1/10
Where to Watch: In theaters

Unlike classic tales of robots-versus-humanity, The Creator presents a vision of humanity’s future in which artificial intelligence was banned in the West following a catastrophic nuclear attack, but accepted in the East, creating tension between the United States—who have declared ongoing war against AI—and the political alliance known as New Asia, who provide a safe haven for this new class of beings.

Much like Rogue One, The Creator is effectively a war film, shot in the same boots-in-the-mud style with fast pacing and sleek presentation. Director Gareth Edwards’ influence from Vietnam-era politics is clear, as the United States we see in this film is one that imposes itself on foreign countries and stops at nothing to achieve their goals, leveraging all means of firepower and destruction to hunt down what they perceive as a threat to humanity.

Meanwhile, New Asia has learned to live alongside their robotic counterparts, accepting them as equals in daily life and providing safe haven for these hunted beings who are shown to have lives just as rich and complex as any flesh-and-blood person.

While the story is nothing new, the visuals and cinematography on display here are some of the best that sci-fi has to offer, and the performances pull at the heartstrings in ways that will catch viewers quite off guard.

After losing his wife and unborn child in an undercover operation while living in the East, protagonist Joshua (John David Washington of Tenet fame) is forced to escort Alpha, the first child Simulant (robots with human features) through a war-torn Asia as he looks for evidence of his wife’s survival and tracks down the secretive “Nirmata”—the enigmatic being known by the robots as their Creator, and the source of the film’s name.

What follows is a brutal, action-packed survival story following Joshua and Alpha as they unravel the mystery behind the enigmatic Creator.

Along the way, Joshua must learn to accept these robots as the complex, multifaceted beings that they are, and shift his focus from apathy and hostility towards a higher purpose of creating a tolerant, accepting world where cooperation and understanding are the rule.

Highly recommended for a theatrical viewing for the visuals alone, this one is well worth the price of admission.

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